Intimacy Guidance and Coaching


Touch is a powerful human need and a path for outstanding pleasure, beautiful connection and deeply satisfying sexual expression.  But it's not always easy ...

What is standing in the way of this for you?

  • Are you getting the touch that you want and need?  Has it been too long or have you never experienced intimate touch and sex like you want to?

  • Do you feel shame, fear or pain about connecting sexually?

  • Is there a physical issue getting in the way of the sex you want?  Pain on intercourse, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lack of orgasm are common problems.

  • Are you out of sync with each other's desires?


  • Do you want to find new and different ways to touch and to relate sexually that is more fulfilling but you don't know how to?  

  • Do you want to deepen your experience of each other in intimacy and in the erotic and open to new possibilities?

If this sounds like you and it feels impossible to explore these issues on your own, I am here to help and support you.

This is a place with absolutely no pressure or expectation. Somewhere where you can feel safe being totally honest and go from there. With me, any ideas of 'getting it right' , 'having enough experience' or ‘I should know what to do’ is out of the window.

Intimacy sessions are both therapeutic and educational depending on your aims and wishes.  I work with practices that involve talk, guidance and one way from me to you hands on touch if appropriate.

With me, you can learn to:


  • give, receive and share touch in a way that you really want not how you think you should. 

  • express yourselves skilfully and create a container of trust, safety and creativity.

  • learn about sex in a new and empowered way. 


I will listen to where you want to go and explain how we might work in the session and the reasons for that before we go ahead.  We always work within your consent and agreement and at the speed which is right for you.   In this way, it is possible to experience and learn in a safe and appropriate way for where you are.  Here is a place to receive warm, grounded and accepting guidance so you can grow. 

Sessions last from two hours and are available once we have met previously.  We can arrange what works best for us particularly if you are coming from further afield.  I work in a quiet and comfortable space that is easy to find and with ample parking outside.

If you are feeling curious, excited, have questions, nervous but wanting to take this a step further then please get in touch. I have a streamlined process for finding out if you and I are a fit for both of us before we begin to undertake this journey.

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing from you, Grace