Touch, 'Tantra' and all things Intimacy 


Touch is a powerful human need and desire ...


​I offer a space for women to come and receive healing through concious touch and tantra massage. 

Conscious touch such as Tantra massage is a place where powerful healing can take place.  Being touched and honoured in all of our body including our sex is in itself a powerful experience.  Receiving touch if we have been hurt, traumatised or had our boundaries crossed can be really difficult.  Here is a place to change that.


Here you can come and be held in a space where you can:


go as slowly as you need to so you can find out what your body needs and wants

be touched only for what you want and no one else

talk your way through what you are experiencing

release old emotions from past hurts

explore what it is like to be curious about pleasure

let your body feel free to be exactly how it is


f you are feeling curious, wondering how this might support you and you would like to take this a step further then please get in touch.  

Thanks so much.  I look forward to meeting you, Grace

Two clients talk about their experience with touch:


"I felt your guidance very calming which allowed me to explore my experiences in a place of safety and security allowing me to look forward to the future with clarity.

The experience left me feeling calm and relaxed with a sense of hope looking forward that I can take what I've been through and look at it in a different light - what has it taught me and that I don't need to hold on to it - it has served its purpose/had its time.  It's now time to move on"  Kate

"I felt very comfortable in Grace's company and was able to quickly enter the zone.  Grace explained the session well and was gentle with her approach.  The talking at the beginning flowed and the questions were reflective.  It was good to reflect at the end.  Really enjoyed the experience.  Thank you"  Hannah