Grace's Trainings


BSc Hons Osteopathy (1995-2000)

Anglia Polytechnic University

The human body is a magnificent system with an inbuilt depth of wisdom.
Support and guidance from a practitioner brings about space for the
body to heal itself.  Holding another to facilitate this is a great honour and


Intuitive Therapist Training (2011-2013)

NZ Assoc. of Intuitive & Pascha Therapists

The pain and trauma that is holding us back is held in the body.  Much of the holding is there to protect the parts of us that are too delicate or vulnerable to show themselves because they are hurting.  Becoming a guide for others asks us to become very sensitive so that healing can be guided in a way that is at the right pace and not overwhelming.  It also asks us to walk our talk and do the work ourselves.  When we embody this and use our awareness of what we sense in others, we can be a model for them and accompany them on their journey. A new way of living a nourishing and full life on our own terms becomes available.

Energy Healing (2014)

NZ Assoc. of Intuitive & Pascha Therapists

As we enter further into this work, we can perceive more subtle parts of another and bring this to an even more perceptive experience of holding a healing space.


Journeys into erotic, emotional and physical intimacy (2018-2019)

Embodied Intimacy

When we slow down and experience the moment, we enter relational space with ourselves and so with another. We can grow trust and freedom in the body and thus enter into relationship and the erotic in a new way. We experience pleasure, intimacy and sexuality beyond distraction, dissociation and cultural conditioning.  We get to create a space with another that is made out of what we truly want, need and desire.


Trauma Awareness Training (2020)

Catherine Hale

Healing occurs in a safe environment where past trauma can be included and held in awareness.  A trauma informed practitioner guides in collaboration and consent with a client.  

Resourcing: Somatic Empowerment Training (2020)

Embodied Intimacy

With simple and profound practices based on neuroscience research, we can learn to feel grounded and safe in our bodies. We can change the biology of our nervous systems to rewire our response to stress. We can be well equipped with resources we can use at any moment.

Tantra Massage Training  (2020)

TMT with Gayatri Beegan

Despite so much misguidance, shaming and misuse of power around sexuality in the world, there exist places where we can learn to touch all of another with honouring and sacredness.  The Tantra Massage Training brings a healing modality that is precious and integrous and offers permission to be touched with consent, in purity and with goodness.  From there great healing can take place.

Relating Openly: A 12 Week Journey Into Evolutionary Relating  (2021)

Embodied Intimacy

When we open up the space and borders around how and why we relate, we can create a new paradigm of relationship based around neuroscience research, attachment theory and embodiment.  Self responsibility and self leadership open the way for a new way of relating in the world.

Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent 'Like A Pro' (2021)

Betty Martin

When you understand about creating a strong container for your clients that has enough safety, real transformation can happen.  Empowerment and consent is a life changing experience.  When you are exquisitely aware of your own desires and limits and how to communicate them, freedom to be fully you becomes available.