Support for times when you can't do it alone.
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Therapy and Coaching For Relationship With Yourself And With Others.
Help to claim your own path and well being.


Offering in person embodied counselling for individuals and couples in Bristol as well as online. 

Seeking support can be a big step, I know.  Something in you however is seeking change and right now the place in you that is seeking has brought you here.   You are welcome. 

You are struggling and going around in circles.  You are suffering a particular challenge or feel dissatisfied and want more.  Either way it's knawing away at you and showing up as anxiety, depression or conflict in relationship. I am here to support and guide you at a pace that feels good for you and brings you the change you are looking for. 


I work as an embodiment coach and you might be asking what this means. Embodiment simply means working with the felt sense in the body.  Inside of all of us are the sensations, emotions and images that are the true reflections of what is happening in our lives.  When we learn to notice, listen to and follow this internal wisdom, we can find our way out of the life we feel stuck in or think we should be living into one that is much truer to who we are.  


At this time in particular, as we emerge from Covid, it is necessary to break the cycle of being watchful and feeling restricted by circumstances around us. We need to open up inside us as well as out in the world and begin to find new ways to live our lives beyond this experience.  This time has shaken up our previous way of living and it can be hard to find a new way.  Working with embodiment practices is ideal for this process.

I want to make sure that you have the awareness and skills to live your best life and relationships beyond where you are now.    Come and receive trauma aware support that will change your life.  My work involves talking therapy which includes working with the felt sense in the body. 


I also offer bodywork, massage and clothed touch sessions.  This is available to receive a real felt sense of learning about what your needs and boundaries are, to experience touch just for you so you can discover what you want or for rest and respite away from your busy life so you can have time just for you.  It's amazing what can happen when you take a pause.

If you want to go beyond telling the story or applying a technique and bring about real and permanent change in your life to create something you are really proud of, I might just be your person.

I know that a better way for yourself and with others lies waiting for you.  I wish you care at this time, Grace

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"Grace immediately recognised that something more would be needed in our dialogue. Not just a loving, supportive ear, but an active holding of the bigger story at play. With her gentle probing, out it came - an overwhelming despair that my physical body was almost unable to handle. What made the session so potent was her ever-loving, unshakeable presence on the screen. Her capacity to hold this grief with me and guide me through it, constantly calling me back to a safe place within myself. What the session left me with was a feeling that I could be free of an old, painful story that I'd convinced myself would always be true, that healing was possible, and she gave me tools & practices to begin that process. So Grace is the real deal. She's a master in this field because she's done her own work. She has held unbelievable presence for her own wounds and transformed herself through it. I HIGHLY recommend her as a coach through any kind of personal growth work. She knows the questions to ask and how to navigate the answer, whether spoken or unspoken. You will be in good hands".  Courtenay


“I have known Grace both professionally and personally for over 25 years. During this time I have witnessed her work, development and growth, seen how she has truly plumbed the depths and has blossomed to find her voice and her freedom.


In her work she is able to marry the rare combination of insight and tenderness.  She works with the utmost integrity and I feel anybody working with her as a client would feel safe and very nurtured.  I would not hesitate to recommend Grace as a highly skilled and insightful therapist”. 

Alison, Counsellor and Psychotherapist